Personal Stories Tell the Value of Decision Education

On the occasion of DEF's 20th Anniversary, we held a symposium to hear from DEF students and thought leaders in the field.

Carl Spetzler, co-founder of DEF, shared his view of lessons learned about decision education over the last 20 years:

  • True decision skills are a superpower

  • The value of decision education is huge

  • Decision skills are not being taught but they are teachable

  • Decision skills are non-intuitive and require repeated and broad exposure

  • Decision education can enhance existing curriculum

  • Adoption of decision education is challenging

  • DEF's integrated curriculum is unique and scalable

Last spring, Lexie Howell acted as a DEF ambassador and convinced her high school to implement DEF's StrongStart program during the summer. Now in her senior year, she describes how she's using what she learned in the program, along with DEF's Conversations for Clarity tool, to help her decide on a college major and which university to attend.

In 2020 at the start of the pandemic, Carrie's husband, Aaron, went to a routine doctor appointment and learned that he had an aggressive and deadly form of leukemia. In this video, she and Aaron share how invaluable the decision skills they learned from DEF have been.