"High school is a time of life altering transition that can wreak havoc on the students' abilities to make good decisions for the welfare of themselves and others." *

For school counselors, seeing the results of your hard work in the form of students maturing and moving on to become successful and confident adults can feel rewarding. Getting to that reward requires expertise in areas ranging from psychology to academic development to family therapy and beyond, all of which fundamentally include students making tough decisions. 

Life is all about making decisions and DEF is all about helping provide a simple structure with which to make the tough ones. Give us a call to learn how you can acquire our tools for helping your students embrace quality decision making habits. 


  • Separating Decisions and Outcomes

  • Understanding the Six Elements of a Good Decision

  • Recognizing Decision Fitness

  • Recognizing Cognitive Biases

  • Using Decision Trees

  • Prioritizing and Quantifying Values

  • Using Weight & Rate Tables with Alternatives


During our trainings, we’ll have real life examples of helping students learn life-long decision skills, and we will encourage participants to share their past experiences and anticipated occasions for doing so. We always tune the content to the individuals participating to make the content as relevant and personal as possible. 

Decision Education Foundation (DEF) is a non-profit pursuing the mission to empower youth with effective decision skills that enhance their prospects for a better life.

* http://www.school-counselor.org/high-school-counseling.html

What make a good decision
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