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Decision Focus Video Series

Videos on Decision Skills for youth, students, volunteers, and educators

These videos are designed to introduce the fundamental elements of decision making. In a lifetime, it’s estimated an average human makes close to 1 million decisions. Our goal is to make those million choices less of a struggle and a bit more fun. 

You can find student activities paired with each video below. 

We recommend also using our other written materials as support in learning how to make quality decisions.

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Decision Focus Workbook

Decision Focus 01: Decision Chain

  • Explains an overview of decision quality framework called the Decision Chain

  • Describes the 6 elements of a good decision

  • Shows the concept that a decision is only as good as its weakest link


Decision Focus 02: Decision Traps

  • Explains behavioral decision making including Decision Fitness and Traps

  • Explains how Decision Traps are errors in our thinking that prevent us from making the best decision we can, but we can recognize and avoid them

  • Explains Decision Fitness and the importance of being aware of your Decision State before acting on a decision

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Decision Focus 03: Frame

  • Explains the concept of a Decision Frame and explores the importance of Purpose, Perspective, and Scope in determining the way you see a decision.

  • Explains the HIP Check method for determining the importance and size of a decision.

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Decision Focus 04: Values

  • Explains the importance of having Clear Values when making a decision in order to give you the best chance of making the trade-offs that will get you the most of what you really want


Decision Focus 05: Alternatives

  • Demonstrates how creative brainstorming and merging ideas into hybrids helps to find the best decision.

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Decision Focus 06: Information

  • Describes why assigning possible outcomes is necessary when making a decision

  • Discusses how to estimate the likelihood of outcomes

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Decision Focus 07: Reasoning with Weight & Rate Tables

  • Describes the role of uncertainty in our lives

  • Discusses how using numbers can improve our ability to communicate our degree of confidence in the information we use

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Decision Focus 08: Decision Tree

  • Demonstrates how to construct a complete Decision Tree and determine the best choice using a basketball game free-throw as an example

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Decision Focus 09: Commitment to Follow Through

  • Demonstrates that while Committing to Follow Through on decisions can sometimes be difficult, there are tools like SMART Goals that can help with this process


Decision Focus 10: Decision Process

  • Explains how personality types influence decisions

  • Shows how sound reasoning brings together clear values, creative alternatives, and useful information to identify the best course of action

  • Explains how head and heart should agree if the decision is good

  • Describes how the process is iterative

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