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Learn to help students make quality decisions to support their life success

Decision Quality Framework benefits – good for you, good for your students: 

  • Fits with MTSS’s goals of developing the whole child 

  • Provides a recipe for converting a problem into the best intervention for each student 

  • Supports the drive to collaborative, team-based approaches to development, implementation, and evaluation of alternative interventions for all PBIS tiers. 

  • Can be implemented immediately – these decision skills are easy to integrate with other tools and incorporate into daily practices a little at a time. 


Ongoing workshop benefits: 

  • DEF will offer post-workshop support for 3 months in the form of on-demand 1:1 conversations with a Decision Quality expert at no charge.  

  • DEF will provide personalized real-time support during team meetings as needed. 

  • DEF will provide a list of suggested videos and books containing additional learning content.  

  • DEF will fund the first year of our StrongStart program implementation.  

Register for the Decision Focus Workshop 2019

Educator Professional Development

Cost $399 per participant or call for group discount pricing 

When: July 22 & 23, 2019 (changed from August 5 & 6)
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Where: Monterey Conference Center, Monterey CA

Payment methods are flexible and can be individualized



Two days focused on learning to make better decisions through exercises and material that can be shared with your students. Built around situations relevant for students and cases faced by educators, the course incorporates tools and curriculum proven effective with youth. In learning a framework to help students make quality decisions, participants also take away practical skills for their professional and personal lives.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Separating Decisions and Outcomes

  • Understanding the Six Elements of a Good Decision

  • Recognizing Decision Fitness

  • Recognizing Cognitive Biases

  • Using Decision Trees

  • Prioritizing and Quantifying Values

  • Using Weight & Rate Tables with Alternatives

  • Learning how to effectively learn DEF's Conversations for Clarity tool

  • Get and introduction to our curriculum for counselors and advisors

Target Audience:
Counselors, educators, school administrators, and anyone who supports youth in making, and learning to make, effective decisions. 

Suggested grant funds that might be used include MTSS, Cal Perkins V for CTE, Title I, Title II, and Title IV. 

Testimonial: Amy Stranieri, a counselor at Thurston High School, describes the Decision Quality Framework and Decision Skills as a formalization and extension of common sense, instinct, and professional development.  


“More of my students follow through on their decisions after working with me. Having identified their own values (instead of just following those imposed on them) along with the frame and scope of the problem, they develop more confidence and a greater understanding around why they’ve made a particular choice. Even if the outcome isn’t what they expected, they still feel good about the decision itself due to the greater clarity about themselves and having fully worked the problem.”  


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