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Bring our StrongStart program to more students!

“It is important to know that no one holds your hand in high school, and YOU have to be able to make your own decisions …”

~ Entering freshman after taking StrongStart


StrongStart is an active, camp-like experience focused on building community connections, self-awareness, and leadership through decision skills training. A school instructor, working with rising seniors as facilitators, guides incoming freshmen through activities and games that foster a connection with the school and a culture of college and career readiness.

Ninety-two percent (92%) of students have responded that StrongStart:

  • Increased their preparedness for high school.

  • Would be valuable for other incoming freshman.


Eighty percent (80%) of program costs cover the single adult instructor and six student facilitator team who can bring decision skills to incoming freshmen who have been identified as at risk to succeed.

Your donation supports us in bringing Decision Tools to students so they can better create their own life successes.                                      

$35 = 1 freshman for 1 day                                   

$50 = 1 facilitator for 1 day                                         

$175 = 1 freshman for a week                                         

$250 = 1 facilitator for a week                                         

$500 = 1 instructor for a day                                             

$1,000 = 1 full day of instruction                  

$2,500 = 1 instructor for a week

$4,000 =1 full week of instruction            

$20,000 = 5 schools providing StrongStart for a full week reach 150 freshmen + 30 facilitators + 5 instructors!    

Preparing for the opportunities and challenges of high school, in the context of learning to make better decisions, puts students on a path for high school success.

Students typically experience increased confidence, lower stress levels, and an improved opinion of their school following StrongStart.


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445 College Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306

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