Celebrate Professor Ron Howard Symposium and Gala

Our appreciation to everyone who joined DEF to make a successful retirement party for Ron. He and the decision analysis he taught at Stanford University deeply affected the lives of many. The tributes to Ron were truly inspiring and heartwarming. The symposium presenters shared many fascinating, and often humorous, experiences with their journeys in decision analysis. 

We hope to stay in touch with everyone on the guest list and look forward to more of Ron's contributions to DEF.

STEM for Success Awards Brunch

Our appreciation to everyone who contributed to and joined DEF to make a successful #STEM for Success Awards Brunch! We got to acknowledge the DEF Educator of the Year, Carrie Brumbach and the DEF Student of the Year, Isabella Lui. Aneita Gage and Rita Holiday from Intel were recognized for their work with #STEM Saturdays. And, Manny Barbara received a huge round of applause as the choice for Philanthropist of the year. In addition, we successfully raised funds and awareness for the DEF StrongStart Program. With these funds we are able to:

  • Set freshmen up for success

  • Prepare students for challenges of high school

  • Teach students to make better decisions

  • Put students on a path for high school success

  • Increase confidence and reduce stress


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