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DEF relies on a team of exceptional volunteers to support our small professional staff to further our mission of bringing decision skills to youth. DEF volunteers are teachers and students, academics and businesspeople, executives and social workers, teenagers and retirees. Many have devoted their professional lives to the study and implementation of good decision practices. Volunteers help with training students directly, introducing DEF within schools and after school programs, developing new curriculum, training teachers, fundraising, and conducting community outreach. Volunteering with DEF provides an opportunity to join a dedicated group of exceptional people inspired by a wonderful cause. To find out more about how your interests and skills could be put to use at DEF, contact us.



Donations support DEF’s essential operations —teacher training, teacher scholarships, classroom materials, course and resource development, and partner organization coaching. Donations also help DEF keep our commitment of providing access to our resources to schools and organizations who are working with economically disadvantaged youth. All contributions are tax deductible and 100% of your donation reaches DEF.