Enter Our Video Contest

High school students of Lane County, Oregon are invited to submit a video of your creation!

Deadline - March 29, 2019

Why is DEF holding this contest? 

DEF teaches high school students how to make good decisions and we're seeking more input from our audience. We use many short videos to teach concepts and tools that will help you get the outcomes you want in your decisions. As a student, you hold the power to address challenging choices that you or your classmates have made or will make by creating material that DEF can use in our education efforts. You could be famous!

You can win cash prizes!

1st Place $500

2nd Place $300

3rd Place $200

  • Are there any specific requirements for the video content?

    • Create an unsolved decision situation your friends can relate to. The situation should something real and relevant that students your age (high school) struggle with either as an individual or as a group.

    • The video topic should be appropriate for discussion in a high school setting.

    • The tone of the video should try to be neutral and not provide a solution, because we would rather it be the start of a conversation where DEF students can analyze and learn from the situation.

    • The choice scenario can be about a small, medium, or large decision. Watch our Size It Up video for greater clarity. 

    • Examples from former DEF students:

    • Learning DEF concepts to include is strongly recommended

  • How long should the videos be?               

    • Approximately 3 minutes, no longer than 5 minutes

    • Titles, musical interludes, and 'special effects' are cool but it's best to focus on the content.

  • Who can enter?

    • Any individual high school student or team of students in Lane County, Oregon

  • How many videos can you submit?

    • Unlimited

  • How do you submit a video?

    • Options include:

      • Uploading to YouTube and emailing us the link​

      • Uploading to our Google Drive - contact us for the link

      • Use WeTransfer.com and email the file to us  

  • Is there a file size limit?

    • No

  • Which file formats will be accepted?

    • MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, and FLV

  • Should the video already be properly compressed?

  • Can the videos have graphic overlay?

    • Yes

  • What are the prize details?

    • Cash prizes: 1st Place $500, 2nd Place $300, 3rd Place $200

    • Any student submissions provide the rights for DEF to post for a limited time and be used for judging.

    • Winners will likely be used in DEF school programs and accepting the prize give rights/license to DEF.

    • If you are not a winner and DEF wants to use the video going forward, DEF will purchase rights for $50.

  • Legal bits

    • Don’t use copyrighted music or images

    • Choose your locations and people visible in the video WISELY. If DEF wants to publish your video, you may need to complete legal permissions forms. But don't let the forms stop you! And, you don't need to do them until we ask you.

      • If you film in a public space, you may need to get written permission from the venue including parks - we can help.

      • Any person included in the video must give written permission. If you have a school team in the background, you'll need permission from each individual. 

  • May you publish and advertise your video?

    • Yes, please do! Once your video is launched on the DEF website, you may advertise the DEF URL to your heart’s content.

  • May you contact us with questions?

Video Contest Flyer