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The Decision Education Foundation (DEF) improves the lives of young people by empowering them with effective Decision Skills. DEF teaches HOW to decide, not what to decide, building essential skills that support better decisions. Educators who teach DEF programs report increased student self-efficacy and find the materials are accessible, valuable, and relevant to students' lives.

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What we do

We partner with schools and youth organizations to bring Decision Education to young people. We provide effective course materials for students and training workshops for educators to improve student achievement through effective Decision Skills.
Better Decisions Better Lives

Class of students outside on a sunny day.

Evidence of Value

DEF is evidence-based with formal studies of efficacy on outcomes like academic improvement and decision competence.

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Real Life Examples

These real life decision stories create opportunities to explore Decision Skills through relevant situations students want to talk about.

Class of students outside on a sunny day.

Decision Focus Videos

12 short videos explore the elements of Decision Quality and topics like process and responsible vs risky decisions.

DEF's Elements of a Good decision framework tool.

Why we do it

Effective decision-making skills require the ability to reason in the face of uncertainty, are not intuitive, and are central to improving life outcomes. DEF strives to institute decision competency alongside literacy and numeracy as a priority in mainstream education.

Our success is achieved through enabling those working with youth to learn, deliver, and sustain decision-making curriculum, language, and environments for youth in a variety of educational settings.

Videos to learn, teach, and explore.

Our videos are learning and teaching resources, plus you’ll find educators and students telling their success stories with Decision Education.

Choose Your Perspective

Whether you want to learn Decision Quality for yourself, you and your cohorts, or teach others, DEF can provide resources targeted to your needs.

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Explore videos and curriculum to improve your students' lives.

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Help your child achieve their best with learning materials and decision tools.

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Explore tools and curriculum to guide your students to what they really want.

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Teach your team more effective decision-making and achieve better results.

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