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DEF's Mission

Improve the lives of young people by empowering them with effective Decision Skills.

Proven Value in Decision Skills

When faced with an important decision, you'll want confidence in your final choice. With 20 years of proving the value of Decision Skills, we're confident you can more learn skills that will get you more of what you want. 

Learn about our free self-paced online course to unlock your decision-making potential.

Antwon, a struggling student who wants to play professional football, finds his path to success with Decision Skills.

Watch his story and the process he used.

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Antwon student body president at graduat

DEF can provide your 9th Graders with Steps to Success today. Our GSuite-ready curriculum can be targeted to your students' needs. 

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Meet our Educators of the 2020 Year and learn how teaching Decision Skills has made a difference for themselves and their students. 

Decision Education makes a difference in the lives of students, teachers, counselors, administrators, parents, and volunteers. 

Learn from those who have experienced the benefits.

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Decisions Change Lives

Every day, teens face challenging decisions that can have significant impacts on their lives and the world around them. In a life of choices, developing the skills to think through decisions is essential.


And yet, our schools struggle to find the time and materials to teach students the critical thinking and decision skills they need for success. DEF focuses on teaching youth 21st century skills using the Decision Quality framework. 


DEF wants to equip the teens in communities everywhere with the decision tools to create a great future for themselves and others. For instance, we are recruiting partner schools for StrongStart, a week-long orientation program for incoming high school 9th graders. Find more possibilities to learn from us under What We Do.

Know the elements of a good decision? Watch a video overview of what we teach!

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You are a product of your decisions.

Help us and GoGrady Media create a new film and new curriculum for helping youth understand the importance of decision making and resilience.


Born Ready: A Mixed Legacy