Essential Decision Skills for Students

Introductions of various lengths

Tailored to Any Audience

DEF works with many student and organizational types to introduce Decision Skills in a manner that is tailored to the audience.

We've delivered this course to public high schools, private high schools, trade schools, community centers, youth diversion centers, service leagues, youth leadership organizations, the Boy Scouts, and more. We've also had people at tech firms recruit fellow employees and their children for an Essentials class. This class is a module in ongoing international programs for talented youth.

To learn about the core decision-making framework, students receive an engaging introduction to the theme of good decision-making that sets the stage for further development of the topic.

Demonstration of Decision-Making Concepts

The Decision-Making Demonstration has been run with audiences from young adolescents (6th grade) to Chief Executives, in a variety of ways, with similarly positive results. The activity provides an engaging decision scenario in which participants do predictably irrational things. The tools of Decision Science and Decision Quality can be quickly revealed as powerful ways to understand effective decision-making. It is a great introduction, overview, and demonstration of the fun learning experiences in our programs.

How It Works

  • We provide the facilitator and materials.
  • You provide a facility for the class.
  • You recruit the student audience--we can help with marketing language.
  • Together, we talk about how to make the example decision scenarios the most relevant to the audience.