Learning Materials

Find resources in which you can learn Decision Quality, and use them in the classroom now.

M-004-01-001 Decision Workspace

Decision Workspace

A single page that students use to apply the concepts of the Decision Chain. It includes visual representations of Decision Quality concepts.
M-002-1-001 C4C Kit

Conversations for Clarity Instructional Kit

This kit has tools for addressing a particular decision that needs to be made. It includes a blank worksheet, an example worksheet, and instructions how to use the worksheet.
M-003-1-001 Fundamentals Infographic

Decision Skills Infographic

A colorful two-page graphic overview that serves as a visual reminder of the primary Decision Skills concepts DEF teaches.
M-001-1-001 Fundamentals Booklet

Decision Quality: The Fundamentals of Making Good Decisions Booklet

Colorful, 22-page booklet about a framework to make better quality decisions by reconciling head and heart.
M-006-1-001 Chain Poster

Poster: Decision Chain

This poster is available in two sizes and inspires thoughtful decision making. The posters are available for purchase only.