Grad Coach Finds Value Using Decision Workspace Tool

Grad Coach Finds Value Using Decision Workspace Tool

"I am just really excited about the experiences I have been using the DEF materials, specifically the Decision Workspace. Just having some structure and direction and someone who will be there without judging to witness their working through a decision situation is of huge value to students.

I have come to rely on this DEF form that came into my hands with limited training shortly after starting. It became my in-take form. I have students do whatever they need to get started. Draw pictures, if that’s what they can do. What do they want? What can they do? What are they upset about? I can’t tell you how much it has helped or how much I have been impressed by what has happened.

I am not a therapist. I’m not a counselor. We weren’t sure what a Grad Coach would do when I was hired to do it. I work with all types of students. I’ve seen it work in a way that shows how every individual is struggling with their own thing in their own way. Straight A students who are struggling with anxiety. Friends wondering whether they want to stay friends. I had a student, someone who can be a behavioral challenge, bring another student with them to get assistance, because something good came from our previous discussion.

I’ve begun to use DEF concepts like the Decision Chain in other ways. I’ve used it with parents, for example. I work as a chaplain with the local fire department and I’ve used it with people who call 911.

It’s some simple guiding questions, but it helps them and it helps me. I know that I can fall back on it. I know where to go next. It’s just really impressive and I encourage people to give it a shot and share it with others."

-Sara Eads, Graduation Coach, Junction City High School