Real Life Stories

Use these videos to demonstrate how Decision Skills have assisted decisions made by real people in real life.

These videos provide decision situations that set up engaging conversations with students to deepen learning of Decision Skills. Most video stories have supporting lesson plans, worksheets, and activities.

These situations are from DEF students or supporters, not actors, making them testimonials in themselves.

Various videos will resonate with different audiences and fulfil different purposes for teaching different topics.

Isabella - High School

High school student using Decision Skills to navigate life, choice of extracurriculars, colleges

Ben - College or Startup

College student facing a decision to drop out of school and create a startup with his brother

Antwon - Sports vs Studies

Student facing choice to change schools to get support for learning challenges

Lexie's Risky Decision

High school student faces risky decision to go bungee jumping

Ceylan - Post-College

Recent college graduate faces choices with job search and COVID uncertainty

Friday Night Decision

Student-created Decision Traps scenario presents a choice between friendship and romance

Himalayan Decision 1 & 2

Group decision scenario in two parts with students trekking in Nepal

Group Dynamics

High school students struggle with team dynamics and decision making

Everest Life and Death

Andrew Brash shares story of saving a life climbing Everest

Rigs to Reefs

How Decision Analysis resolved a real environmental challenge removing oil rigs

Facing Up to Cancer

Teacher applies Decision Skills training in personal life facing cancer

Barcelona Bound

High school music students face decisions on tour in Barcelona

Highway Access Legislation Debate

Debate around road closure legislation for San Francisco's Upper Great Highway