Healthy Lifestyle Choices

A program designed for integration into an existing high school Health class

The Healthy Lifestyle Choices (HLC) program is suited well for integration into an existing high school Health class. Students learn how practical Decision Skills help enable better decisions for issues related to their personal health.

HLC lessons help students gain insight about themselves and provide effective tools for students to navigate themselves towards better improved overall  health.

Students' mental and physical health is compromised when they get overwhelmed with the new situations and increasing responsibilities that come with growing  up.

Decision Skills provide a structured means for addressing through personal feelings like anxiety, depression, embarrassment, anger, and fear.

Program Benefits

  • Students think beyond the here and now by reflecting on their values and envisioning the person they want to be after high school.
  • Students learn vocabulary and language that help to discuss, identify, and clarify  their various stressors and responses to them.
  • In the context of purposeful decision-making steps, students learn coping skills and time management.
  • Students explore personality types and the influence of social media.
  • Students apply all they've learned in a college and career project that helps make the future feel more tangible.

How It Works

  • We train teachers in our Decision Skills content.
  • We provide program curriculum and materials.
  • We recommend how to effectively deliver the lessons in context of your existing content.
  • We provide ongoing support.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices workbook cover
HLC Workbook Cover