Delivering 21st Century skills

Decision Skills support teaching and learning core objectives educators are already working to fulfill.

This video explains why Decision Skills are central to student success by supporting the learning of critical thinking, creativity, and SEL skills.

Social-Emotional Learning

The CASEL model identifies responsible decision making as a key element. Decision Skills improve personal and social effectiveness.

Critical Thinking

Applying sound reasoning tools to make effective decisions and understanding uncertainty extend critical thinking in a relevant way.


A decision can only be as good as the best alternative. Decision Skills help students be creative and create the space to improve life outcomes.

College and Career

Decision Skills are central to the skills employers are looking for. Students face challenging decisions regarding their future.

CTE, PBL, & Independent Study

DEF materials are integrated in a variety of educational settings and used in support of different academic pathways.


Decision Skills include applying math to describe situations that are relevant to students' lives. Science and engineering require probability.

Decision Skills are the keystone that integrate and hold together a variety of initiatives and objectives that schools are working to deliver for students.