Decision Focus Video series

12 short videos explore the elements of Decision Quality and topics like process and responsible vs risky decisions.

This series carries the content, so an educator doesn't need to be the expert, just engage students with activities that are relevant to their lives.

Decision Focus is the backbone around which additional curriculum and courses for students and educators are built.

What's a Good Decision

As a first step to defining Decision Quality, this video introduces the six essential elements of the Decision Chain.
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Decision Traps

The human brain takes shortcuts that undermine decision quality. We have to understand behavioral traps in order to avoid them and be decision fit.
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Helpful Frame

Learn a three component method to clarify the decision being tackled.
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Clear Values

Prioritizing your values helps clarify your possible choices.
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Creative Alternatives

The quality of a decision is limited by the alternatives we consider.
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Important Information

Consciously considering information needs and gathering useful information before we act is essential to good decision-making.
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Reasoning - Weight & Rate Tables

Reasoning is the process of combining alternatives, information, and values to arrive at a decision.
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Sound Reasoning - Decision Trees

Reasoning with Decision Trees helps to complete the sentence, “I am choosing this alternative because…“
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Commitment to Follow Through

Commitment to follow through means we are set to execute our decision and can do so purposefully.
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Appropriate Decision Process

Learn a process that addresses the elements of a decision in a sensible order and iterates.
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Responsible Decisions

Responsibility is the other side of freedom.
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Risky Decisions

Teenagers taking risks is a natural part of development.
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