Equity and inclusion

There is a distinction between equity of access and equity as a value during the decision process.

Equity Decision Tool

How does Decision Quality help achieve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion? 

Equity is a core value - we care about the wellbeing of others and share a sense of fairness. Therefore, we need to consider a decision's likely impact on equity.

Equity is also a part of the decision process. When we include diverse perspectives and value differences in the process, we achieve better solutions, greater alignment, and increased commitment.

Inclusive participation in decision-making enhances the sense of equity in the process and leads to better decisions that result in more equitable outcomes.

The Equity Decision Making Tool is the product of collaboration between the Eugene School District 4J and the Decision Education Foundation.  

After learning about Decision Quality from DEF, the 4J Equity, Inclusion, and Instruction Team worked to align the 4J District's Equity Lens with DEF's Decision Chain.

Working together to improve initial versions, the result is a concise visual summary that brings together the most central concepts of each model in a coherent picture.

In navigating towards this synthesis, an important distinction emerged between equity of access in the decision process and equity as a value in making the decision.

Equity as a value helps in determining which ethical alternative provides better chances of achieving your aims given what can be known at the time a decision is made.

Equity in reaching decisions is where those who are impacted by the decision are meaningfully included in the process.

An inclusive process is more likely to arrive at a high quality decision with the best chances of equitable outcomes.

Equity Posters

Poster of DEF's Equity Decision Engine displayed at 4J School District

The Equity Decision Making Tool hangs in district conference rooms next to DEF's Decision Chain and the 4J Equity Lens.

4J School District Equity Team members make up a diverse group.