Isabella - High School

High school student using Decision Skills to navigate life, choice of extracurriculars, and colleges

Isabella was a very busy high school student who took a DEF course over the summer at Stanford. The next fall, she applied the tools she learned to her life, because she realized that she couldn't reach her goals without better managing her time. This collection of videos has her decision around extracurriculars, how she applied Decision Skills in choosing a college, and how she uses Decision Skills to get more of what she wants, for example, convincing her parents of the need to get her a car.

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High School Student Makes Time Management Decisions

In this video, Isabella shares how the course she took from the Decision Education Foundation gave her the knowledge and tools to solve her problem, how to prioritize her extracurriculars because she was overscheduled.

College choice - Deciding Which University to Attend

Isabella was waitlisted for her first choice universities and accepted into her alternative choices. Isabella shares how she got to the best outcome under these circumstances, using the skills she learned with the Decision Education Foundation.

The power of decision framing: How to get more of what you want

Isabella explains the power of a helpful frame to help you get more of what you want. In this case, Isabella was able to help her parents understand why they really needed to help her get a car once she went to college.

High school student’s decision-making process about activities, time, and stress

This video is a longer version of Isabella's decision of which extracurricular activites to drop because she was stressed out and overscheduled.

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Quiz: Isabella's Time

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