Programs for Students

Programs for students introduce Decision Skills into their lives to help them toward personal success.

Workshops for adults focus on mastering Decision Quality and applying it throughout a school district.

StrongStart for Students

A 9th grade summer bridge program built around Decision Skills
StrongStart improves student performance by empowering them with Decision Skills while having fun and building relationships.

Essential Decision Skills for Students

Introductions of various lengths
DEF works with varied organizations and student types to introduce Decision Skills in a manner that is tailored to the audience.

Steps to Success for Students

A 9th grade class built around Decision Skills
Students learn Decision Skills in the context of learning tools to be academically successful and keep on track towards graduation.

Intro to Decision Skills Online Course

Free, Self-Paced, Ages 13+
Why settle for less when you can learn how to get more of what you want by making better decisions? Practice working through the Decision Skills framework.