Explore the history, applications, evidence of value, and professional roots of Decision Skills.

21st Century Skills

Decision Skills enhance topics schools already need to address: SEL, Critical Thinking, Creativity, College & Career Readiness, etc.

Evidence of Value

DEF is evidence-based with formal studies of efficacy on outcomes like academic improvement and decision competence.

Decision Science

Decision Education is built on the foundation of Decision Science, the behavioral and normative fields of decision-making research.


DEF has demonstrated the value of Decision Skills in a variety of contexts. We can help achieve your goals in line with these experiences.


Adopt Decision Quality as a school or district to teach Decision Skills to students and benefit the entire school community.


Join DEF and others in the movement for Decision Education to help improve the lives of young people with effective Decision Skills.

Equity & Inclusion

Equity is a core value - we care about the wellbeing of others and share a sense of fairness. Therefore, we need to consider a decision's likely impact on equity.