Use a Sensible Decision Making Process

Episode 10

Learn a process that addresses the elements of a decision in a sensible order and iterates.

A good process:

  • Include all elements: Frame, Values, Alternatives, Information, Reasoning, and Commitment to Follow Through
  • Indicates how knowing yourself improves decision outcomes
  • Explains how personality types (MBTI) affects decision-making
  • Demonstrates how a group can make a quality decision together
  • Describes how the process is iterative

Use an Appropriate Process for Decision-Making

The Decision Chain is the criteria by which you judge Decision Quality, not the process you use to ensure strength in the Decision Chain. Depending on how important or complex a decision is, spending more or less time, or having a more or less formal process will be more appropriate. This short video explores how to ensure an appropriate process, and the importance of iteration in identifying the weakest links in the decision chain and cycling back to focus energy where it an make the most difference.