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ASML Helps International High School Students Make Better Decisions

Kuno Huisman, a Decision Professional, wanted to try out DEF material with a local international school. He contacted the Eindoven School who were enthusiastic about having the opportunity to send their students to the ASML site to learn about decision making and what ASML does. Not only did the students have a great experience, but Kuno's team had a great time working with the students and felt good about the value they created in their lives. The school counselor Susanne Eijsbouts related that at least one student ended up altering her choice of education and career development based on the workshop on Decision Quality.

Check out this article posted by a member of Kuno's team on LinkedIn.

DEF has worked with other Decision Professionals with organizations like Intel and Eli Lily to deliver Decision Skills to the children of their employees and local schools. What was remarkable about this experience is that the ASML team used DEF material to develop their own workshop based on DEF experiences and had a successful workshop that they pulled through themselves. DEF can help you do the same.

You can learn more from the full conference video posted on the Society of Decision Professionals website that was delivered at a conference session on Decision Education.