Conversations for Clarity Instructional Kit

This kit includes a blank worksheet, an example worksheet, and instructions how to use the worksheet.

When you need to make a decision, you can use this tool to ensure you are building strength in your Decision Chain.

This tool, suggested by a counselor to support problem-solving conversations with students, has since proven invaluable for individuals (including students) to work through their decisions independently, after learning about Decision Quality.

The kit includes:

  1. Instructions for Conversations For Clarity
  2. A worked example
  3. Blank Conversations For Clarity worksheets

Watch the video below for detailed instructions on how to complete the blank worksheet most effectively.

Conversations for Clarity is a proven framework for making better decisions. It provides a structured conversation where responses are captured to make progress toward a decision. You may find that iterating through the process will help you reach a final decision.

One video steps you through how to use the worksheet.

The other video here provides an example situation where Conversations For Clarity made a difference in a student's life.