Decision Quality for Administrators

Workshops for school leaders

Work a School Problem with Decision Quality

Can educators successfully learn and share a framework for making better decisions that's proven successful for everyone involved? YES.

"We invited Chris to speak to our entire faculty and staff- 170 strong. He provided a process with a vocabulary that will allow us to be consistent as we talk with our students about any kind of challenge they face, from peer relationships, to college choice, to life paths. Chris masterfully engaged our faculty, using small group discussions, simple demonstration games, personal but always relevant stories, and quieter reflection time. I am convinced that, as a school, we are in a better position to speak into the lives of our students, helping them work through specific issues they may raise, but more importantly helping them develop a decision process they will use for the rest of their lives.

Chris does his research. Not only did he intimately know the extensive work of DEF (and could effortlessly share it in understandable, relatable, personal terms), but he had taken time to get to know our school by reading school website material carefully, calling several times to clarify exactly how the presentation would fit into our in-service plans, and then engaging faculty throughout the session to shape and mold the material to perfectly address our questions and needs. His accurate read on his audience and his smooth flexibility with his presentation were themselves a wonderful model for our faculty." --Sumner McCallie, Dean of Faculty and Curriculum, McCallie School

In This Workshop You Will:

  • Learn the core concepts of Decision Quality
  • Partake in learning activities similar to our student curriculum
  • Work in groups and practice applying the better decision-making concepts to a real problem you're facing.

Decision Skills Make a Difference in Your Life