Everest Life and Death

How decision analysis saved a man's life on Mount Everest

This is an interview with Andrew Brash, a climber and high school teacher, who ended up saving a climber's life on Everest. In addition to a compelling story, Andrew's perspective explores Decision Traps like "summit fever" and the ethics of the climbing community. This video provides a complementary activity with the Decision Focus video Responsible Decisions.

Andrew Brash's Life and Death Climbing Decision

Mountaineer Andrew Brash tells how, while at the top of Everest, he saved a life  others thought lost. Avoiding “summit fever” he came back to summit another day. This real life experience in a compelling life and death situation provides insight into how decision traps (cognitive biases) are a part of all of our lives and also brings in ethical elements of decision making with personal sacrifice.

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Worksheet: Everest - Life and Death
Worksheet: Everest - Life and Death

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