Ben - College or Startup

College student facing a decision to drop out of school and create a startup with his brother

This collection of short videos is based on Ben Kitoko, an entrepreneur who took a Decision Skills course at Stanford over the summer. He shares a decision scenario where he had to make a decision between finishing college and working full time on his startup. Other videos in the collection include an overview of the Decision Chain Framework and how personal empowerment and decision-making go hand in hand.

Student explains his decision to drop out of college to start his own company

Ben was loving his life at university. He was also excited about and being successful at developing a startup with his brother. This decision scenario provides Ben's story as an opportunity to explore how the Decision Quality framework helped him to make a tough, life-shaping choice.

Young entrepreneur describes how DEF’s framework brings clarity to the decision-making process

It’s on you: Personal power and the decision to engage

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Quiz: Ben's Drop Out Story
Quiz: Ben's Drop Out Story

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