Consider Possible Alternatives when Problem-Solving

Episode 5

The quality of a decision is limited by the alternatives we consider.

Don't get stuck in the trap of "Either I do A, or I do B". An example might be "Either I quit my job, or I stay". The Either vs. Or way of thinking is a trap. Why not creatively consider doing both? How about a part of each choice? Is doing nothing an option? What about Alternative C or D or E? This lesson explores ways to creatively generate enough alternatives to allow you to truly understand the decision space and give you other options to consider.

  • Explains how a decision can only be as good as the best alternative
  • Demonstrates how imagining creative alternatives leads to the best and most optimized choice
  • Questions to consider are:
  • Is this likely to get me what I want?​
  • Is this reasonable?
  • Would I really do it?