Decision Quality for Educators

Workshops for teachers and school staff

Better Decision-Making Is Learned

Making choices seems natural, but knowing how to make good choices is a consciously learned skill, because our brains are actually not wired to make good decisions naturally. The ideas, methods, and tools presented this workshop are drawn from an extensive body of theory and practice across multiple disciplines including decision theory, psychology, group dynamics, mathematics, economics, and probability. They apply to any decision, simple or complex, and educators learn to recognize areas for improving existing personal and group processes and, consequently, improving decision outcomes for themselves and their teams. When students learn these decision skills, they are better prepared to navigate and succeed in the high school experience and beyond.

​In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Motivate students to learn and use Decision Skills to make better decisions
  • Incorporate decision skills into what you’re already doing in the classroom
  • Apply decision skills in real-life student situations
  • Manage behavioral challenges that undermine quality decision making
  • Help others make difficult decisions

Here’s what past course participants have said:

“I have learned more of immediate value than in any other workshop experience. I will work better as a teacher and as a committed humanitarian.”
This course was empowering for me in that it helped me evaluate my own skills and also gave me tools for empowering students.
​“Teaching proper decision-making skills to students is as important as any of the traditional subjects taught in high school…decision education helps people choose the paths which best suit their wishes and values.”
“The course is going to enrich you personally and professionally.”

Decision Skills Support Student Success