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Opportunities to Learn Decision Skills


DEF’s StrongStart program is an active, week-long camp-like experience for incoming 9th graders focused on building community connections, self-awareness, and leadership through Decision Skills training. Fun experiential activities reinforce the core concepts of Decision Quality in an atmosphere that supports academic achievement, creativity and social-emotional learning.

Decision Quality Overview for Educators

DEF delivers a 3-hour professional development workshop for all school staff that provides an introduction to Decision Quality and the Conversations For Clarity tool for helping students make better decisions.

Steps to Success

Steps to Success is a semester course where every 9th grader learns Decision Skills while adjusting to high school and improves 9th grade on-track outcomes like credits earned and GPA that are shown to increase graduation rate.

Decision Quality Workshop for Administrators

In a 2-day workshop, Administrators can learn the essentials of Decision Quality and work through a current school issue requiring a decision to build an understanding of the tools while adding value by addressing a current need.

Decision Skills Essentials

In this 6-hour course, give your children an early start on approaching the uncertainty of the future with an understanding of the elements that create a good decision, behaviors to watch out for that affect decision-making, and a better sense of their own values and goals.

Custom Programs including Project Based Learning (PBL)

DEF can customize our programs to  meet your needs and objectives. A variety of decision skills programs for students have been held in schools, corporations, and other youth focused organizations. Similarly, we have worked with educators and administrators in a variety of settings.  Please contact us for scheduling and pricing.

Introduction to Decision Skills

In this 3-hour introduction, successfully delivered hundreds of times through Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies, students are introduced to Decision Skills in a highly interactive and experiential format. This is a great way to get a first experience of the value of DEF's work and programs.

Training for Volunteers and Advocates

We work with volunteers and advocates directly to arrange preparation for their next steps in teaching or advocating for Decision Quality.

Strategic Decision & Risk Management - Certificate

DEF's partner, Strategic Decisions Group has created a Certificate in Strategic Decision and Risk Management (SDRM). You can earn that certificate from the University of Texas in Austin.

  • The SDRM certificate program provides executives and mid-career professionals with the concepts and advanced knowledge to make high-quality decisions and embrace risk and uncertainty for competitive advantage. 

  • The certificate is a recognition that you have the advanced skills to lead decision making in your organization.

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