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Conversations for Clarity (C4C) Worksheet

Anyone can use this step-by-step worksheet to think through a difficult decision.

Share your decision experiences, comments, or questions with us!

Conversations for Clarity is a proven framework for making better decisions. It provides a structured conversation where responses are captured to make progress toward a decision.


Starting is easy. Two broad questions launch the conversation:

          --What do I want to achieve?

          --Why is that challenging?

Capture initial thoughts about the purpose of the decision and what makes it hard. Then use these thoughts as building blocks to better understand the frame and values involved.

To access the information from the front of the form, open up the pamphlet and fold back. This helps to keep attention on these elements first. Capture further details of what the decision maker wants and doesn't want (values) as well as clarify the decisions and individuals involved (frame).

Once the frame and values have a solid start, folding out reveals the sections for capturing creative alternatives and useful information.

Work between the different elements in a way that supports a natural conversation. Start to brainstorm possible actions based on the alternatives that are already apparent and stretching to unseen solutions. Capture information that exists or is needed and how reliable that information may be.

A tool in the alternatives section prompts exploring and can be
filled in with values that might be acting as constraints.

--For example, what would you do if time, or money, or some other consideration would not hold you back?

Once done, fold in the right side to reveal the commitment to follow through. The links in the chain are laid out so that they can be rated, using a scale from 0%-100%.

I haven't considered the decision link conscientiously
I have addressed the the link, but would want to do more before reaching a decision
Additional effort in improving the link is not worth the cost, effort, or delay

Test for decision fitness and decision traps.

Test for clarity to move forward based on the strength of the links and the balance of head and heart.

Capture next steps and follow through.

Don't be surprised if the Conversations for Clarity opens up other choices. Life presents us with a flow of many interconnected decisions.


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