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Curriculum for Teaching Decision Making

Are you looking for ways to enrich every child you know with the larger meaning of everything they’re learning? To feel confident that you’re helping them to a life path of independence and happiness? Educators partnering with us are at the core of our mission to teach everyone how to make the best decisions possible in every decision-making circumstance.

DEF is most effective when we are working together with you to impact the lives of youth. At DEF, you’ll find resources to initiate and drive a Decision Skills program in your local area, whether it be offering stand-alone DEF classes, incorporating the process and tools into existing curriculum, or framing your youth-centered activities around the accumulated wisdom of the numerous quality decision-makers in our larger community.

To hear about our teaching bundles including lesson plans and student worksheets, please contact us.

Decision Focus is a video-delivered decision education program with optional in-class activities for early high school students. Developed by educators and decision professionals, Decision Focus emphasizes how to decide instead of what to decide. Students can watch on their own terms and schedules. It is designed for low cost, ease of adoption, and universal availability. The program consists of 10 short episodes. We also offer activities associated with many episodes.

It’s Your Choice is a video-delivered decision education program that extends to greater degree the concepts covered in the Decision Focus Video Series. The videos are structured in the context of Roger and Nicole who are high school students with their own show.

Youth face many challenges of different types and magnitudes. These materials are designed to help them make better decisions, particularly when confronted with difficult situations. The course and accompanying curriculum also serve to help adults familiar with decision quality apply decision concepts to advisory and counseling relationships.

We provide curriculum for specific literary works currently taught in schools. The decision focused lessons can be integrated into your existing class and help grow students' life skills.


Using a decision focused approach to the study of history can enhance students' experiences and learning at the same time as helping students develop greater capacity to chart their paths in life.