Learning Activities

We teach teens how to decide, not what to decide, empowering teens to make better decisions that lead to better lives.

Our curriculum here is mostly associated with our StrongStart Program. But, we are continually designing more independent modules to go with our videos. If you are interested in learning more and using our lesson plans and student worksheets, please contact us and describe your interests.

Decision Chain Overview

Himalayan Decision Video  Part 1

Himalayan Decision Part 1 Instructions

Himalayan Decision Part 1 Handout

It's Your Choice Video - Talking 'Bout Decisions

It's Your Choice Video - What's a Good Decision?

Himalayan Decision Part 2 Instructions

Himalayan Decision Video Part 2

Himalayan Decision Video Part 2 Handout

Himalayan Decision Slides

(Video example of presenting the slides to class)

Decision Demonstration Instructions

Decision Demonstration Handout

Decision Demonstration Slides (Coin Flip)

(Video example of the demonstration)

Frame and Alternatives

Throwing Things Instructions

Throwing Things Handout

Roped In Instructions

Tower of Power Instructions

It's Your Choice Video - Got Choices?

30 Circles Instructions

​Framing and Alternative Puzzles Slide Notes

Framing and Alternative Puzzles Slides

Assisting Antwon Video

Assisting Antwon Part 1 Instructions

Assisting Antwon Part 2 Instructions

Frame and Information

High School and You Instructions

Decision Fitness and HALT (SEL)

It's Your Choice Video - Don't Get Trapped

Don't Get Trapped Handout

Decision Detectives Video

Decision Detectives Instructions

Decision Detectives Handout

Myths and Mindfulness Instructions

Myths and Mindfulness Handout

Stress Busters Instructions

Stress Busters Handout

Personality Type

MBTI Homework Handout

Personality Type Instructions

MBTI Information Slides

Values and Frame

It's Your Choice Video - Look at It This Way

Lego Bridges Instructions

Lego Bridges Handout Tall Handout

Lego Bridges Handout Pretty Handout

It's Your Choice - Size It Up Video

Size It Up Instructions

Size It Up Handout


It's Your Choice Video - What Do I Really Want

Values Quest Instructions

Values Quest Handout 1

Values Quest Handout 2

For StrongStart Teachers

StrongStart Student Workbook

StrongStart Teacher/Mentor Guide

Materials Checklist

Master Schedule .xlsx

Schedule Day 1

Schedule Day 2

Schedule Day 3

Schedule Day 4

Schedule Day 5

Evaluation Form

Certificate Template

Useful Information

It's Your Choice Video - Are You Sure?

Are You Sure Handout

Two Truths and a Lie Instructions

Copycat Legos Instructions

Copycat Legos Handout

Sound Reasoning

It's Your Choice Video - Makes Sense and Feels Right

Makes Sense and Feels Right Handout

Weight/Rate: Choosing a School Club Handout

Barcelona Bound Video

Barcelona Bound Instructions

Barcelona Bound Venue Guide

Barcelona Bound Handout 1

Barcelona Bound Handout 2

Information and Reasoning

It's Your Choice Video - What Might Happen

What Might Happen Handout

Blind Leadership Instructions

It's Your Choice Video - How Likely Is It?

How Likely Is It Handout

Shipwreck Puzzle Instructions

Shipwreck Puzzle Slides

It's Your Choice Video - Building a Tree

Building a Tree Handout

Student Government Decision Instructions

Student Government Decision Slides

Frame, Reasoning, and Alternatives

Lava Field Instructions

Hogging It Video

Hogging It Handout

Commitment to Follow Through

It's Your Choice Video - Make It Happen

Make It Happen Handout

Brainstorm Goals and Intentions Instructions

SMART Goals Instructions

SMARTer Goals Handout

Letter to Myself Instructions

Letter to Myself Handout


Reaction Time Instructions

Reaction Time Handout

Senior Style Charades Instructions

Hunger for Knowledge Games Instructions

Skits Freshmen Style

Water Balloon Games Instructions

Decision Scenarios

Key Takeaways