Your Life Is Shaped by the Choices You Make

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Documentary - Born Ready: A Mixed Legacy


DEF is always looking for more ways to get and hold the attention of youth so that we can help lead them to better Decision Skills and better lives. 

We have partnered with GoGrady Media to help fund the creation of a film documentary about a subject that many youth can appreciate -- professional basketball and the impact of athletes' decisions. This new film and new curriculum will be additional teaching tools in our education programs. GoGrady Media will also use these tools to further its Born Ready Project and its mission that very much aligns with DEF's.

Dave Ungrady, a journalist, coach, public speaker, and educator, started GoGrady Media in part to help youth learn the skills necessary for making good decisions and developing personal resilience.

The film producer, Don Markus, has been a nationally-recognized sportswriter for much of his 45-year career, including 35 years at the Baltimore Sun where he covered all sports and was the Maryland beat writer at the beginning and end of his tenure. His first season on the Terps coincided with Len Bias' senior year in College Park. Don has been an adjunct professor at American University since 2005 in Washington, where he teaches Sports Journalism as well as Sportswriting and Reporting.

GoGrady’s programs draw on Dave’s years of experience as a collegiate athlete and a best-selling author. Dave has conducted exclusive, personal interviews with some of the world’s top athletes, including soccer’s legendary Pele, swimming sensation Michael Phelps, basketball star Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and track and field icon Carl Lewis.


In those interviews and others, top athletes shared their personal stories, including life lessons learned along the way and the things that helped them stay focused and effective. 


It was the story of Len Bias, who died of a cocaine overdose after being a top NBA draft pick, that Dave chose as the subject of his documentary as part of its 34+1 campaign. That mixed legacy offers powerful lessons about the choices facing all young people, not just athletes. 

Making effective decisions has never been more important.  In the time of Covid-19,  when hanging out with friends could ultimately result in death, or a game of pick-up basketball could lead to disability, teenagers and young adults need effective decision-making skills. 

As #34 on the University of Maryland, Len Bias is remembered for being one of the best and most beloved college basketball players of all time. He is also remembered for making one bad decision that forever tainted his legacy in a way that caused a tremendous social change in America and impacted the lives of thousands for many years.