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Materials for Teaching Decision Skills and Improving Decision Making

Our materials are free to use, but we ask that, if you use them professionally, that you use them with attribution. We would also like your feedback and to hear about your experiences with Decision Skills!

Are you looking for tools to help drive your efforts in teaching Decision Skills to young people or looking for guidance for yourself? DEF provides downloadable printed materials and videos for you to use at your convenience. We hope that you reach out to us for more information on how to make the best use of what we offer.

An easy-to-use tri-fold worksheet that steps you through Decision Quality to structure your thinking. Instructions and a completed example are also available for download. 


A colorful two-page graphic overview of the primary Decision Skills concepts we teach.

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These videos are designed to introduce the fundamental elements of decision making. In a lifetime, it’s estimated an average human makes close to 1 million decisions. Our goal is to make those million choices less of a struggle and a bit more fun.

You can find student activities paired with each video below.

We recommend also using our other written materials as support in learning how to make quality decisions.


This booklet introduces the key concepts, knowledge, and skills necessary to make good decisions.  For educators, it can serve as guide for lesson planning. For students, it can help introduce and reinforce classroom lessons and activities.


It’s Your Choice is a video-delivered decision education program with optional in-class activities for early high school students. Developed by educators and decision professionals, It’s Your Choice emphasizes how to decide instead of what to decide. Students can watch on their own terms and schedules. It is designed for low cost, ease of adoption, and universal availability. The program consists of 18 short episodes. We also offer activities associated with many episodes.

Goldilocks Meets Desidero
by Carl Spetzler and Mark Meyers

Like most children, my granddaughters (then four and six) knew about Goldilocks. When I asked them "Was Goldilocks a good little girl?" they thought for a moment and responded in unison "Oh no! She shouldn't have gone into the bears' house." That opened up a learning opportunity. First, we discussed what decisions Goldilocks made, then how we can make good decisions. And that led to this book. The story provides the opportunity to teach four primary lessons: 1. I need to own my decisions. That takes awareness and courage. It also leads to taking responsibility for decisions and actions. 2. To make a decision consciously, I have to stop and think before I act. 3. A good decision has to make sense and feel right to me. 4. And, once I decide, I have to really do it - or it will only be an intention - not a real decision. These four lessons are the foundation for building our conscious decision power for a successful life.

Carl Spetzler

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