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Our Impact

DEF’s mission is to improve the lives of young people by empowering them with effective decision skills.

DEF's 2019 Decisive Impact Report

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Data gathered from teachers, administrators, counselors, students, and educators world wide proclaim DEF's positive impact. 

Comments from both educators and students provide anecdotal evidence about the value of learning decision skills. 

See a peer-reviewed, randomized study in the PLOS One journal showing how Decision Skills improved academic scores when integrated into a U.S. History class.


We’re pleased to hear how our work is positively affecting young people now, and we know that the challenges ahead are urgent and important. We continue our efforts to reach greater numbers of educators and students, completing additional classroom-ready curriculum, and introducing more rigorous metrics for evaluating the results of our various programs.

These videos capture the value administrators, teachers, counselors, and students have experienced in applying the Decision Quality framework in their work.


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Our aim is for everyone to learn how to make good decisions and we appreciate your feedback and testimonials.

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