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Our Partners

Support Learning about Decision Skills

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Willamette High School delivers our StrongStart Program every summer.

Thurston High School has delivered our StrongStart program and has great success with the custom College & Career Readiness classes taught by Decision Quality professionals.

DEF serves A3 through custom developed Economics and World Studies online courses that integrate Decision Skills.

DEF serves the Pre-Collegiate program by delivering a Decision Science course as part of their intensive study on real-world global solutions.


With DEF training, Sequoia High School delivers our StrongStart Program and What's Next Program.

This Dutch company has adapted DEF documents to create a workbook to support their workshop in a local international school.

At Ophelia’s Place we believe in girls’ strengths and encourage them to discover and nurture their gifts as they become young women.

Students in two Omaha magnet schools weigh the pros and cons of every problem.

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Eugene's four high schools deliver our StrongStart Program every summer and are working to expand our content throughout freshman year. 


DEF serves the Junction City School District through our StrongStart and Steps to Success Programs.

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Elmira High School delivers DEF's StrongStart Program.


GoGrady Media and its 34 + 1 campaign uses the legacy of former basketball star Len Bias to help teenagers and young adults learn the importance of making effective decisions. This helps them shape a proud legacy and discover how they are “Born Ready” for their own greatness. 

Our mission is to provide each student with the best possible opportunity to define and accomplish individual goals, build character and learn transferable life skills through Creative Arts, Athletic Fitness and Nature Awareness, in an environment of non-judgment and mutual respect.


This Mexican company has adapted DEF concepts to create a nationwide course for students that prepares them to be responsible global citizens.

SDG consultants are on DEF's Board and actively leverage their professional experience in Decision Quality while participating in our curriculum development.

Juvenile Detention setting at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana

The Peer Ambassadors Program, a youth leadership and social intervention initiative program, uses DEF Decision Skills principles training in developing young leaders who are able and willing to mentor their peers who are at-risk for school failure or have had some involvement in the juvenile justice or mental health systems.