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What Students Are Saying about DEF

Testimonials from Students

The following are quotes by students at various high schools who received instruction in decision skills from DEF-trained teachers.

"I just need to say...THE BEST CLASS I HAVE HAD in my entire life."

SPII student

"It was engaging and fun. I learned a lot of things I can use in my everyday life."

SPII student

"I found the workshop well planned and prepared and really entertaining and engaging."

SPII student

“The [StrongStart] program gives you an idea of what high school is like, but it goes deeper by teaching you HOW to make logical decisions and what you are going to face in high school.” Willamette, OR

"[Decision Education] went beyond academics and taught me how to use certain skills that could potentially make me more successful in life.”

“If you aren't able to make a decision properly, you can screw up your life.”

“If you can’t make good decisions, you won’t get anywhere in life.”

 “Decision skills are important, because we make decisions every day.”

“I will probably take a class like this in college, because it helped me so much. It definitely opened my eyes.”

“I think this course will help me think things through calmly. I tend to stress, and now I've learned that you can think a decision through.”

“It makes you think differently about making choices, and it makes you realize that there are smart decisions.”

“My name is Jessica Morales and I was exposed to the Decision Making Science when I was going to start my junior year of high school. Knowing how to make a good decision, regardless of the outcome was important at such a crucial time in my life. Through the help and curriculum of the Decision Education Foundation, I was able to make decisions that bettered my life and hopefully those around me.” 

August 2018

"I had undertaken the MOOC - Decision Skills: Power Tools. The course had helped build insights that I use till today."

Nitin M


"I'm working on improving the stability of my decision-making. The decision chain process was recommended by a colleague as a way to learn a more methodical approach that still allows for innovation and open thinking. From what I've read so far, it not only improves the process, but even encourages open thinking while refining the decision. Thank you!"


“I've been using your materials as a refresher before making a significant medical decision.  I took the Decision Analysis class at Stanford, but it was way back in 2005, when I was an undergraduate.  So your materials have been an indispensable refresher.”

Andrew, Stanford University 2018


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