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Train Educators

You don't have to be a professional educator to be trained by DEF. Any adult who would like to lead students in learning decision making is qualified. We have a number of learning opportunities and curriculum opportunities available. If you don't see something that meets your needs, please contact us.

This course is for educators, administrators, and counselors who wish to learn a framework and process for helping young people reach quality decisions. The course covers the basics of good decision making and explores how they can be applied in a variety of decision situations and taught to students.

DEF instructors and experienced classroom teachers demonstrate how to integrate the teaching of decision skills into literature classes and history/social studies classes. 

This course is for educators, administrators, advisors, counselors, and mentors who wish to apply the essentials of good decision making to advisory and counseling relationships and programs. Participants will learn to enhance an existing program or design a new advisory or counseling program using engaging decision-based curriculum and skills.

In addition to standard course offerings, DEF creates tailored decision education programs to meet specific needs of individual schools and youth-focused organizations.