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Introduce Decision Skills... 

into a school or educational program

Training: Learn about Decision Skills and how to introduce them in a variety of settings.


Materials: Explore the curriculum DEF has developed and the benefits they produce.

Identify Resources: Find educational resources to introduce Decision Skills.


Coaching and Support: DEF staff can assist in integrating Decision Skills into your program.

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Learn how math teacher Bob Loew brought a Decision Skills Short Course into his classroom and the benefits he saw in introducing this material with his students.

DEF relies on a team of exceptional volunteers to support our small professional staff to further our mission of bringing decision skills to youth. DEF volunteers are teachers and students, academics and business people, executives and social workers, teenagers and retirees. Many have devoted their professional lives to the study and implementation of good decision practices. Volunteers help with training students directly, introducing DEF within schools and after school programs, developing new curriculum, training teachers, fundraising, and conducting community outreach. Volunteering with DEF provides an opportunity to join a dedicated group of exceptional people inspired by a wonderful cause.


To find out more about how your interests and skills could be put to use, contact us


Volunteer Awards:

2021       Ben Kitoko

2020       Hugh McElveen

2019       Phil Beccue

2018       Brian Putt

2017       Anne Dilinger  

2016       Waleed Dirani  

2015       Nathan Proudfoot 

2014       Frank Koch
2013       Dana Luco  
2012       Michael Fisher 

2011       Nancy Golden  

2010       R. Kenneth Wolfe  


Educator Awards:

2021       Dave Ungrady

2020       Cindy Bandow and Cameron Bittle

2019       Amanda Dobberpuhl

2018       Liz Henderson

2017       Carrie Brumbach 

2016       Kendal Rachuy 

2015       Amy Stranieri 

2014       Tim Adkins  

Phil and Stanford students.jpg

Learn how Phil Beccue had fun teaching Decision Quality to international high school students in Stanford University's summer program.