What We Do

We focus on educating adults who work with youth in order to create a societal culture that makes good decisions.

The Decision Education Foundation's mission is to empower youth with effective Decision Skills that enhance their prospects for better lives in today's challenging and uncertain world.

DEF equips youth with powerful Decision Skills to help them meet the challenges of today’s uncertain world. Effective decision making is an essential life skill that is rarely taught. When students are taught how to make better decisions, their decisions improve, leading to better life outcomes. Therefore, students need opportunities to acquire and apply Decision Skills as a part of their education. The principles of Decision Science provide valuable guidance for a lifetime of decisions.


We work to create awareness that decision competency is important to a well-rounded education (on par with literacy and numeracy). We work to attract education, community, business, and thought leaders to champion our cause. We strive to make the phrase “decision education” familiar and widespread in the every community.


We apply a variety of educational approaches to help improve decision skills including classroom curriculum, self-paced videos, teacher and advisor training, workshops for parents and educators, and custom tailored experiences. 


We offer various length workshops that engage young people in independent exercises and group activities designed to stimulate their problem solving, divergent thinking, and decision-making capacities. 


DEF is also proud to offer training in the key concepts of decision quality and decision fitness for any adult who works with youth. These learning opportunities are a building block in an effort to cultivate a culture of rational thinking, sound decision making, and positive communication in any organization.


Enabling youth to tackle their choices in a more enlightened and empowered manner will yield profound benefits for us all.