About Us

Better Decisions ~ Better Lives

The Decision Education Foundation was founded in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to empower youth with effective Decision Skills that enhance their prospects for better lives in today's challenging and uncertain world.

Our founders include professional educators, decision professionals, successful business leaders, and parents with a passion for educating youth. All have a belief in the power of an individual’s decisions to positively shape their own life and consequently improve the lives of other individuals and of society.


DEF develops high quality course materials and training workshops for educators and counselors on the importance and basics of quality decision making. Our success is achieved through enabling those working with youth to learn, deliver, and sustain decision-making curriculum, activities, and environments for youth in a variety of educational settings.


DEF has been successful in demonstrating that Decision Skills can be taught, that they can improve academic performance, and that they are associated with improving life outcomes through impacting Decision Quality, a measure correlated with improved well-being.


Our courses and curriculum in Decision Quality are based around a framework for decision making pioneered at Stanford University's Department of Engineering and the Strategic Decisions Group, an international management consultancy.