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Essential Decision Skills for Families

We teach teens how to decide, not what to decide, empowering teens to make better decisions that lead to better lives.

In this workshop, parents and caregivers learn about the decision chain, decision fitness, biases in thinking, and how to support their teen in their own decision development. Life can be easier when parents and their children share a language and model for making choices.

One-Day Course

By learning more about themselves and decision-making, parents in this workshop equip themselves to create calm and productive decision-making moments for the whole family.


We facilitate growth in critical thinking, social/emotional intelligence, and creativity as students apply decision skills within a tested decision framework. Students then apply these acquired skills to real-life decisions.

Learning happens in a fun atmosphere through activities, stories, and team interactions. In addition, we give students techniques to help them understand how their emotional or physical state affects their decision-making and how to help themselves move into a better state for making good decisions.

Workshop Outline:

  • Decisions vs. Outcomes

  • The Six Elements of a Good Decision

  • Decision Fitness

  • Cognitive Biases

  • Application of these Skills to Life

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