Who We Work With

DEF engages with opportunities that align with its mission.

Contact us, if you'd like to learn more about partnering with DEF.

DEF has worked with a variety of youth-focused organizations, and has evolved towards primarily engaging high school aged students.

That said, we follow opportunities to expand our impact and share the value of Decision Skills and Decision Quality-- take a look at recent work with Rice University and Washington University on our Applications page.

Because our ambition is to get to a significant level of depth of understanding and building of Decision Skills with students, relationships typically develop over time as schools and districts see the value Decision Skills create.

Our work with Junction City High School has expanded across all four years of their Advisory experience and is anchored with a 9th grade success course in the first trimester built around the Decision Chain

At Eugene 4J School District, DEF material has also been built into the experience of all 9th graders. Additionally, DEF has had the opportunity to work with District Leadership to develop competencies in Decision Quality with administrators.

Our core relationships in Oregon developed out of Nancy Golden's support of DEF's work. Nancy was Superintendent of Springfield Public Schools (SPS), later became Chief Education Officer of Oregon, and was a board member of DEF for many years. DEF current work with Springfield High School and T builds on this longstanding relationship with SPS.

Recent work with the Oregon Small Schools Association has resulted in engaging several smaller districts including Lakeview, Sheridan, Falls City, Cottage Grove and Ranier School Districts.

In California, DEF is excited to be launching a dual credit course through Lake Tahoe Community College with South Tahoe High School. All 9th graders will learn Decision Skills in the context of health and College and Career Readiness.

DEF had a longstanding relationship with Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies that grew to over 50 workshops each summer. Unfortunately, COVID spelled the end of these programs. The relationship lives on with two organizations that have devloped from that work, Pre-Collegiate Pathways and Eduexplora.

Past international schools where DEF delivered well received workshops include Roberts College, Sofia, Vienna, Moscow, and United World College in Singapore.

Working with Decision Professionals as volunteers through the Society of Decision Professionals has lead to innovative work such as that of ASML with the International School Eindoven and workshops with employee's children at Intel.

DEF is an active partner with the Alliance for Decision Education to share the value of Decision Education.

DEF's development and demonstion of value is grounded in successful engagements with private schools like the Haverford School, Seattle Academy, Crystal Springs Uplands School, and Castilleja School.

Rounding out the educational landscape, DEF has worked effectively with Charter Schools like Academy of Arts and Academics and Magnet Schools like Benson High School in Omaha, Nebraska as well as Alternative High Schools like Gateways in Springfield, OR.

Rounding out the list are organizations like Safe Schools, who identified DEF's work as best in class and developed a series of videos based on DEF material they offer to schools.