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Comittment to Follow Through: Make them real

Commitment to follow through means we are set to execute our decision and can do so purposefully. If we are only halfhearted about our commitment, our follow- through is usually less intense and may not achieve the best results. 
Committing to follow-through is like pulling an internal switch—after the switch is on, we do whatever it takes to make our decision real. When we shift from considering a decision to being in the state of commitment, we are clear and can proceed without reservation, conscious of potential consequences. 
Successful follow-through requires resources such as time, effort, money, or help from others. It also requires being prepared to overcome obstacles.

How to commit to follow through

Ask yourself

  • Am I ready to act?

  • Will I do this?

  • Do I have the necessary means to follow through?


Ask your head

  • What could stop me from following through?

  • Am I prepared for the consequences and for doing what it takes to carry through on the decision?


Ask your heart

  • What fears do I have that prevent me from making my decision real?

  • Have I accepted the potential consequences that go along with acting/choosing?

  • Am I ready for the internal shift from considering the decision to the state of making it happen?

  • Will others support or hinder me in executing the decision? Am I prepared to deal with this?


Tools and good practice

  • Quality decision process to create the right conditions for follow through

  • Alignment with others whose help I need to achieve commitment

  • Action or implementation plan

  • Progress measurement (e.g., milestones)


Traps to avoid

  • Making a “mental commitment,” but separately deciding not to really put forth the necessary effort to follow through

  • Not dealing with obstacles that get in the way

  • Procrastination

  • Halfhearted commitment

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