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"It's Your Choice" Video Series

Videos on Decision Skills for youth, students, volunteers, and educators

It’s Your Choice is a web-based program designed to introduce the fundamental elements of decision making directly to students on their own terms and on their own schedule. It also provides support for educators with online training and in-class activities. And, as a web-based program, it is designed for low cost, ease of adoption, and universal availability. The program consists of 18 episodes focusing on HOW to decide, not WHAT to decide.

In a lifetime, it’s estimated an average human makes close to 1 million decisions. Our goal is to make those million less of a struggle and a little more fun. Use the video links below to equip yourself!

IYC Episode 1: Talkin’ ‘bout decisions

  • Explains the difference between decisions and outcomes

  • Shows the hazards of just ‘going with the flow’ on autopilot

  • Shows the value of slowing down when making decisions


IYC Episode 2: What Makes a Good Decision?

  • Explains an overview of decision quality framework called the Decision Chain

  • Describes the 6 elements of a good decision

  • Shows the concept that a decision is only as good as its weakest link


IYC Episode 3: Don't Get Trapped

  • Explains behavioral decision making including Decision Fitness and Decision Traps

  • Explains how Decision Traps are errors in our thinking that prevent us from making the best decision we can, but we can recognize and avoid them

  • Explains Decision Fitness and the importance of being aware of your Decision State before acting on a decision


IYC Episode 4: I'm Thinking of a Feeling

  • Shows how being open to using both Heart and Head while framing your approach is key to better decision making

  • Shows how Head and Heart can pull us in totally different directions and make deciding difficult


IYC Episode 5: How Do I Get There?

  • Explains how the Decision Chain framework is a part of a process that leads to a Good Decision. 

  • Highlights the Comfort Zone Trap: the tendency we all have to make a decision in a way that’s familiar, even if that approach isn't right for the decision we’re making.


IYC Episode 6: Look at It This Way

  • Introduces the concept of a Decision Frame and explores the importance of Perspective in determining the way you see a decision

  • Explores tools for identifying and exploring which perspective could be most useful for developing your frame


IYC Episode 7: Size It Up

  • Continues the discussion on Framing a decision, specifically about recognizing the scope

  • Introduces the HIP Check method determining the importance and size of a decision 


IYC Episode 8: What's Your Problem?

  • Discusses the importance of establishing Purpose and Scope as essential steps in framing a decision

  • Introduces the Sunk Cost trap that can undermine your decisions


IYC Episode 9: Whose Decision Is It?

  • Describes how knowing the factors of Who Is Involved and How Much Time further lead to a good decision


IYC Episode 10: What Do I Really Want?

  • Explains the importance of having Clear Values when making a decision in order to give you the best chance of making the trade-offs that will get you the most of what you really want

IYC - Ep10.JPG

IYC Episode 11: Got Choices?

  • Discusses the importance of developing Creative Alternatives 

  • Shows how Brainstorming helps avoid the Either-Or Trap

  • Introduces the Reality Test

IYC - Ep11.JPG

IYC Episode 12: Are You Sure?

  • Describes the role of Uncertainty in our lives

  • Discusses how using numbers can improve our ability to communicate our degree of confidence in the information we use

IYC - Ep12.JPG

IYC Episode 13: What Might Happen

  • Describes why assigning possible Outcomes is necessary when making a decision

IYC - Ep13.JPG

IYC Episode 14: How Likely Is It?

  • Discusses how to estimate the likelihood of Outcomes

  • Discusses the Gambler's Fallacy and Wishful Thinking Decision Traps and how to avoid them

IYC - Ep14.JPG

IYC Episode 15: Makes Sense and Feels Right

  • Shows how Sound Reasoning brings together Clear Values, Creative Alternatives, and Useful Information to identify the best course of action

  • Explains how Head and Heart should agree if the decision is good

IYC - Ep15.JPG

IYC Episode 16: Building a Tree

  • Demonstrates how to construct a complete Decision Tree and determine the best choice using a basketball game free-throw as an example

IYC - Ep16.JPG

IYC Episode 17: Make It Happen

  • Demonstrates that while Committing to Follow Through on decisions can sometimes be difficult, there are tools that can help with this process

IYC - Ep17.JPG

IYC Episode 18: Are We There Yet?

  • Nicole and Roger recap the Six Elements of the Decision Chain and the chain’s role in the process of making a Quality Decision